Young Adult Service

Tina and Cate presented to a recent DYC meeting about the development of the Young Adult Service. Below is a transcript of their presentation.

Shifting focus to the 15-25 age range.  Continue to deliver specific adolescent clinics and school visits and extend care to 18-25 years to encompass next developmental stage and transition to independence. 

Transition framework - Meeting monthly with paediatric team and developing process guidelines.  Diabetes Centre team revamping resources including brochure, information sheet and welcome pack.  We will also use the toolkit developed by the Paediatric Society and NZ Child and Youth Network for transition between paediatric and adult teams.  This is in final approval stages.  Aim is to have this in action by the end of 2017.  Met with graphic designer who will be ensuring we have a professional product for a recognisable consistent package of care for our local diabetes care.

Facebook Page - Our Facebook page Christchurch Diabetes Centre Young Adults will be launched in the coming months. This will keep young adults up to date on events, provides a question and answer forum, information and updates on recent initiatives.  We encourage your young adult to join and be involved once this is ready.

School visits - Tina continues to do this and we have negotiated with our paediatric diabetes colleagues for these visits to commence from the second half of Yr10 onwards.  This is to provide some consistency to schools so they know when visits begin and should ensure young people begin to connect with diabetes team prior to transition.  Education to staff provided as requested.

Workplace/learning institute/home visits - Tina is broadening out the outreach service as many of our young people <20years have left school and this is an opportunity for them to continue to access service as we aware that access to clinic appointment can be difficult during his phase. This is enabling continuity of care when young people are working on specific goals but can’t always get to clinic.

Zoom appointments – Additionally we are increasing our telehealth appointments for young people out of area.  Zoom can be delivered via a smart phone and this option is working well for ongoing care.  Has been particularly helpful after the Kaikoura earthquakes and ongoing road closures.

High-risk Clinic – This will be named by our Kaumātua and we hope to launch this later in the year.  The focus is on a strengths based approach to working with young adults with HbA1C >75mmol/L.  The term ‘clinic’ is all encompassing - some young adults will choose to visit the centre regularly on Friday mornings, others will be visited in the community, have Zoom, email, text content.  May be linked into existing youth development services in their community.  The goal is to get the right approach to care to achieve individual goals. We are currently beginning to do this and developing framework including a database to enable us to manage this group.

Psychosocial assessment – Goal to complete at time of entry to service, as needed and at time of leaving school

Alert system with Emergency Care – We are working alongside Emergency Care team to develop method for Tina and Cate to be alerted when young adults have presented to hospital.  Have trialled a phone message which has worked well when staff remember, currently investigating an automated response.