• 9-12 year old camp 2016

    9-12 year old camp 2016

    What an amazing camp! Everyone got on well, and played and interacted positively with each other. Twenty-two children attended…

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  • Wainui Teen camp 2016

    Wainui Teen camp 2016

    This camp was a return to Wainui YMCA camp for adolescents for the first time in four and a…

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  • Holiday Programme

    Holiday Programme

    This 3 day programme for 5-9 year olds is a regular fixture on the DYC calendar and is run…

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  • Teen Winter Camp 2015

    Teen Winter Camp 2015

    Teens head to Tekapo for 4 days of skiing and other activities – learning to manage their diabetes in…

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  • 9-12 Year Old Camp 2015

    9-12 Year Old Camp 2015

    We are fortunate to have the facilities at Stand for Children at Glenelg Spur for 4 days of activities,…

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